Author Spotlight/Interview: Amy Manemann

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Amy Manemann is an International Best Selling Author. She writes sexy and
intriguing romantic suspense, young adult paranormal romance, contemporary
romance (HOT NEW RELEASE!), and dabbles in children’s books. She resides in
her hometown along the Mississippi river with her husband and their two
children. When she isn’t plotting her next book, she enjoys spending time
with her family and friends, and diving into a good book.

Amy is also a site administrator for the World Literary Café, an online
literary community for authors and readers.

You can connect with Amy at


Sarah’s Interview with Amy Manemann

What was your inspiration for Love on the Slopes?
My kids and I LOVE to go skiing in the winter time and the storyline came
to me when we were hitting the slopes. When it came to the location,
however, it just wasn’t clicking until we happened to pay a visit
to Jackson Hole Wyoming for vacation. It was absolutely beautiful! I simply
fell in love with the place and knew that was where the Hartley family were
meant to be. If you haven’t been, I strongly encourage you to go for a

What’s your favorite thing about being a writer?
Besides the joy of having the option to kill off people you don’t like? lol
Seriously though, I love to write. Creating stories has always been a
passion of mine since I was a little girl, so becoming a writer in my adult
years was an easy fit.

Who inspired you to write?
My mom inspired me to be the avid reader I still am today, and with all
those Harlequins and Danielle Steele’s came the imagination to create my
own stories, so I would have to say my mother.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?
Haha, that’s an easy one. YES!

Are there any situation(s) in any of your books you regret?
When I published my first book I was pretty green and make quite a few
mistakes I’ve since learned from. As to any situations IN my books that I
regret? Not a one!

What’s the oddest thing you had to research for your writing?
Pap smears lol In Deadly Science the doctor was illegally upcharging
laboratory testing through pap smears so I had to learn my ins and outs, so
to speak.

What book are you currently reading?
Nothing. Why, do you have a recommendation? 😉

Can you share with us what you’re working on right now?
Oh how I WISH I could, but it’s a super secret project that’s launching
very SOON, and one I cannot reveal. Sorry! But keep an eye on my facebook
page for updates!!

Is there anything else we should know about you?
That I’m a chocolate loving, coffee drinking enthusiast who adores my
husband and our two children, and there isn’t anywhere in life I would
rather be than where I’m at right now.

**Side Note…I recommended to her Rainbow Rowell to read.**

Jessa Hartley is haunted by memories of the night she threw herself at her childhood crush, Dominic DeRenzi – and he turned her away. Years later, Jessa has managed to put the past behind her and climb up the ranks as head instructor of the ski lodge she one day hopes to purchase. Only her plans take a nosedive when the smooth talking Italian shows back up in town. Even worse, he’s planning on purchasing HER lodge.

After surviving a disastrous marriage, Dominic DeRenzi returns to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, hoping to make a fresh start for him and his six year old son by purchasing the old ski lodge. Until a chance encounter with Jessa Hartley throws his well laid plans off track. The once innocent girl from his childhood has grown into the beautiful woman he always knew she would become, and he is painfully reminded of the night he over stepped his bounds and kissed her. Then broke her heart by sending her away.

Rekindling the flames of their past isn’t part of the plan, yet Dominic and Jessa soon find they’re helpless to stop the fire that burns brightly between them. He broke her heart the first time he left, but can he make her see this time around he’s here to stay?

Sarah’s Review: I absolutely adored this cute love story! I personally love it when two people
from the past still show interest in one another.  I liked how they were trying
to play it off but couldn’t do it anymore.  It was sweet how it all finally came


  Hot, rich, Italian, and an amazing dad?!  You
know you’re going to love the story just from that!   Dominic is a great dad to
Dante.  I hope to see more of this relationship in the next books.

I was
getting confused a little with the sibling’s names all starting with a “J” but
once I read more of the series I’m sure I won’t have a problem keeping up with
their personalities.


The story was well written, put together great,
it kept my attention and left me wanting for more.



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