Author Spotlight/Interview: Jordan Link

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Author Bio: Jordan Link is currently contracted with
Entranced Publishing for her novel “The Sacrificed”, which will be
released on May 6, 2013. She won first place in Jack L. Chalker’s Young Writers
Contest of 2012 for her short story “The Bubble”, and attended Balticon 46 last
year. She earned an honorable mention on December 3rd for the Young Voices
Foundation Short Story Contest and will be published in their anthology
“Oh, the Stories They Tell!” which will be available on Amazon. Her
early love of reading inspired an equivalent passion towards writing, and she
plans to continue doing so.

You can find Jordan…
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Overview:  Emerald Hayden lives in the
City of Centsia, a half-winged among the other walkers. She has no family,
friends, or food: only a grim future filled with tiresome labor in the upper
level’s factories.

But everything changes when she
meets Dusk, a winged from the place that she previously scorned. He opens her
eyes to a new possibility: the possibility of the unity of winged and walkers,
of freedom, and of love.

Together, they decide to
challenge the upper level’s supreme, winged council. But when a friend betrays
them, they must choose whether to sacrifice their beliefs and save their own
lives, or to remain along the thin line that divides the city in two. Success
could mean liberty; failure, death.

Sarah’s Review:  I thought this was an interesting story and setting I got lost in. I didn’t know what to expect with Jordan being a young author but, I thought she has an amazing talent.  She tells a story great and I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with. 


Interview with Jordan
What was your inspiration
for The Sacrificed?
I was inspired by little things, from other dystopian novels to the
sky outside my bedroom window. I wish I could say that some traumatic event or
sudden epiphany inspired me to write this novel, but it’s the little things
that count.

Where do you hope to see your writing
career in ten years?

I hope that, within ten years, I can purchase one of my novels in
paperback. I want to travel the w
orld as a flight attendant, but writing will
never leave me.

What other genres do you
hope to write in?

The only other genre that I hope to expand to, besides fantasy, is
science fiction. I’ve tried to write outside of the creative genres, but
without magic, without worlds full of seemingly impossible circumstances, I
feel almost powerless.

Do you name your characters
after anyone in your life? (Name or personality)

I admit—if I strongly dislike you, and you insult me or my friends in
some absurd way, you may face an untimely death. But remember: “Any resemblance
to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.”

If you could have lunch with
any author (past or present) who would it be?

I’ve had some time to think about this, since the last interview where
this question was asked. Rick Riordan is my current choice. Who wouldn’t want
to talk to the mind behind Camp Half Blood?


What book are you reading right now?

Right now, I am reading The
Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Surprisingly, I am not being forced by
the school system to read this classic. Rather, I am planning to see the movie
with my friends at a later date. Books before movies—always!

What do you do in your spare

I write in my spare time, of course. When I’m not doing that, however,
I’m meeting at a friend’s house or planning some elaborate vacation.

Anything else we should know
about you?

You should know that I’m a free spirit. Half the time, my mind is far
aloof. I’m not one of the authors who writes because it’s a chore, or because
it’s the main source of my income.

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