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Vivian Winslow was born and raised in Southern California. Before becoming a writer, she made a career out of moving around the world every couple of years thanks to her husband’s job. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and two elementary school age children, and is grateful to finally have a place to call home for more than two years. New York is the perfect city to indulge her love of shopping, the arts and especially food. If she’s not at home writing or running around the city with her kids, you’ll most likely find her indulging in pizza on the Lower East Side or having a cocktail at her favorite bar in Alphabet City. That said, she’s still a California girl at heart and would gladly trade in her heels for a pair of flip-flops to catch a sunset on the beach.
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After catching her fiancé Jack in bed with her sister the day before her wedding, New York socialite Lily Baron escapes to Rio, her honeymoon destination—alone. There, Marcelo, the dark and sexy hotel masseur, releases a heated passion Lily had never experienced with Jack. When Lily meets handsome and powerful Brazillionaire Gustavo de Lima, she can hardly resist him. There’s just one problem. He’s married. In this uber-sensual city, will Lily’s reluctance to be with a married man, in light of her own fiancé’s betrayal, give way to her burning desire for Gustavo?
Having experienced a profound personal and sexual awakening during her solo honeymoon to Brazil, New York socialite Lily Baron rushes back to New York upon hearing the news that her father has fallen ill. Now, Lily must take the helm of the Baron Media empire and fend off a high-stakes hostile takeover attempt. With the fate of the company hanging in the balance, will Lily be able to resist the advances of the luring, unwanted suitor in the boardroom as well as the bedroom? Things get steamy in this highly anticipated sequel to Gilded Lily.
Weary from battling a hostile takeover attempt of her family’s company, Lily seeks a distraction in Todd, an erstwhile bartender with a large trust fund and magical tongue. Meanwhile, a connection seems to be developing between Lily and Alejandro, a wealthy and gorgeous Cuban-American, whose brother, Rodrigo, is dating Lily’s twin sister, Dahlia. When Alejandro unexpectedly rebuffs Lily one night, she is deeply dismayed. But, after seeing Alejandro’s picture with a gorgeous Latina model in the gossip pages, Lily thinks it wasn’t just a misunderstanding. When the sisters and brothers reunite in Aspen for a ski weekend, will Lily’s heart remain frozen or will the fire between her and Alejandro rekindle and melt away the ice?
Sarah’s Review: I really enjoyed reading this hot little trilogy!  I liked how Lily went from pretty much a Stepford Wife to sexual powerhouse.  I love stories when a woman finds her strong points and keeps going in that direction and finds what she’s looking for even though she wasn’t really looking.


New York socialite Dahlia Baron is falling for her Latin lover, Rodrigo Cruz, the scion of the Mama Linda Latin foods empire, and hopes to take the relationship to the next level. But there’s a dark secret that she must deal with first in order to truly give her heart to him. When Dahlia visits the man from her past, will the undercurrents of her emotions let her go to Rodrigo or will they pull her back to the one person who stands between them?

Blue Dahlia is the first book in the second trilogy of Vivian Winslow’s Gilded Flower series, featuring Lily Baron’s free-spirited twin sister, Dahlia.

Grieving from a tragic loss, a deeply depressed Dahlia retreats with her sister Lily and best friend Vi to a sun-soaked Indonesian paradise to heal.  There, she meets soulful surfer Kai, who’s seeking to escape from the demons of his own past.  Can the spiritual and physical connection between them put back together the pieces of Dahlia’s shattered heart?
Having discovered her mother’s and Shane’s devastating betrayal, a determined Dahlia seeks to find what was taken from her and to chart a new life for herself. With the help of Vi’s friend, Englishman Thomas Squires, a dashing and enigmatic clandestine operative, Dahlia chases leads across London and Paris. Will Dahlia be able to right the wrong and allow herself to love again?
Sarah’s Review: At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to like Dahlia but I ended up feeling for her and enjoying her story. Her sex life didn’t disappoint at all. lol.  Sometimes you have to get lost to fins what you really need in life.


Wild Violet is the first installment of The Vi Trilogy of the Gilded Flower Series.  Appearing in The Lily and Dahlia Trilogies of the Gilded Flower Series, Violet Rai, or Vi, is Lily and Dahlia Baron’s sharp-witted BFF, who is always up for a party and a hot guy.  But, in The Dahlia Trilogy, there are hints that Vi’s world is quickly coming apart, and her dark secret is about to be exposed. 
In this flashback story, Vi, the strikingly beautiful daughter of an Indian business magnate and English supermodel, is enjoying a privileged lifestyle in New York City while a college student at NYU.  Yet, in her senior year, Vi learns that her strict and traditional father intends to force upon her an arranged marriage and a career working for his conglomerate in Dubai.  When Vi is paired with sexy Spaniard, Andrés Costas, in her ballet class, not only does she find herself falling for him, but he introduces her to a shockingly different world—one that offers her the prospect of escaping her father’s
What’s your favorite thing about being a writer?
The creative
process. There’s an indescribable feeling that comes when the ideas that float
around my mind turn into a story. This is what makes the writing process
Who helped push you into writing?
Close friends and my extremely supportive husband. For The Gilded Flower series in particular,
one of my dearest friends, Suzann, has been there from the beginning, reading
every WIP and MS and draft. Sara is another friend, who encouraged me to
publish the first novella, Gilded Lily,
without a second thought. I’m extremely grateful to them for pushing me to set
my fears and self-doubt aside and put the series out there.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to Google for research?

Umm, I can’t say there’s been anything weird. It’s all fairly
boring research. Because my books are set in a variety of foreign locales, I’m
usually looking up details about the cities. Although I will admit that I
really enjoyed researching surfers and surfing for Blue Dahlia.


Are any characters named after anyone in your real life?
No, thankfully. I probably wouldn’t be able to look at them the
same if I did. : )


What book are you currently reading?

Ugh. I wish. I’m in between books since I’ve been preparing the
ARC for Wild Violet. I don’t think
I’ll be doing much reading until the end of Vi’s Trilogy.


If you could have lunch with any author, past or present, who
would it be?

I love this question. Edith Wharton. Her writing is sublime and
her descriptions of turn-of-the-century New York and culture are transcendent.
She is one of the greatest romance writers of all time. The subtle way she draws
you into the intense feelings of her characters is a true talent. I would spend
lunch asking about her inspirations and if she ever considered a different
ending for Newland Archer and the Countess Olenska from The Age of Innocence.


Can you share with us what you’re currently working on?

, which is the second book in The Vi Trilogy. This one is
particularly challenging because this is where Vi will have to face the
decisions she made in Wild Violet and
the impact they end up having, not just on her, but on those she loves most.
Also, Lily and Dahlia will be front and center in this story since Lily’s
wedding to Alejandro is around the corner.


Is there anything else we should know about you?

I’m not that
interesting. : ) ha. Only that I absolutely love all the characters of The Gilded Flower Series, even my
villains. I’m extremely grateful to all of my readers, faithful bloggers and
friends who have supported these books and download them. Thank you!


Thanks Vivian for the great giveaway!


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