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The List by Kate L. Mary
Published by: Lyrical Press
Publication date: May 26th 2015)

Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


The List. Twenty things every girl must do before she turns twenty. . .

Body piercing
Get drunk
First kiss

But thanks to her crazy, over-protective father, Annie Roth is way behind schedule. Good thing it’s her first semester of college, because Annie is more than ready to start checking off items. . .

Fake ID
Skinny dipping
Road trip!!!

Where it gets complicated? Ryan and Chris. Best friends. Both sweet, funny, totally hot, and totally into Annie.

But there are some things on The List that Annie only wants to do with Ryan. . .

Lose it
Get Heart Broken
Fall in love

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      When I opened my eyes, I met Ryan’s gaze. He was across the room watching every move I made. My heart stopped beating and everything froze. The music faded away and I couldn’t feel Chris’s hands anymore.   His lips must have still been moving over my neck, but I was oblivious to it. 
      I stepped away and shook my head, never taking my eyes off Ryan.
      “You okay?” Chris called.
      “I just need a few minutes…” I ripped my eyes off Ryan and turned to face Chris. He frowned, but I gave him a big smile and a playful shove.   “I’ll be right back.”
      I had no idea what I was doing or what I expected to happen, but for some reason I went to the back of the apartment like I was headed to the bathroom. It was the only place I could think to go that Chris wouldn’t follow me. The apartment had two bathrooms, but the one in the hall was in use. I went back through Liam’s room to use his. Luckily, that one was free. 
      I stepped inside and shut the door, then leaned against it with my eyes closed. I couldn’t stop thinking about Ryan; my heart pounded faster than a freight train. “What are you doing?” I said out loud.
      There was a soft knock on the door. Instinctively I knew it was Ryan, but I didn’t hesitate open it. He stepped inside and shut the door behind him. I wasn’t sure if it was from the alcohol or the way his gray eyes zeroed in on my lips, but my head spun.
      “I wanted to give you your birthday present,” he whispered, stepping closer and running his hand down my cheek. 
      My throat tightened and I had trouble filling my lungs. I couldn’t move, let alone breathe. “What’s that?”
      “Your first kiss.”
      Ryan tilted my face up and I closed my eyes. Then his mouth covered mine. His lips were warm and soft. They tenderly moved over mine, showing me what to do. His hands ran down my neck to my shoulders, then over my back. He pulled my body against his, pressing my back against the wall. His mouth moved faster. Without thinking I parted my lips, allowing his tongue access to my mouth. It sent a shiver through my body. The desire I’d felt earlier with Chris returned, only a million times stronger. My insides were on fire, a fire that burned hotter with each move of his lips, each brush of his fingers against my lower back. 
      When Ryan finally pulled back, I was out of breath. His gray eyes held my gaze and he traced my lips with his thumb. “Happy birthday, Buttercup.”
      Then he let himself out of the bathroom, leaving me alone. My heart pounded and my face was hot. My lips were still warm from his. I leaned against the wall and closed my eyes, tracing my lips with the tips of my fingers. My first kiss. I’d never experienced anything quite so amazing.


Kate L. Mary is a stay-at-home mother of four and an Air Force wife. She grew up in a small town just north of Dayton, Ohio where she and her husband met at the age of twelve. Since their marriage in 2002, they have lived in Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and California.

Kate enjoys any post-apocalyptic story – especially if zombies are involved – as long as there is a romantic twist to give the story hope. Kate prefers nerdy, non-traditional heroes who can make you laugh to hunky pieces of man-meat, and her love of wine and chocolate is legendary among her friends and family. She currently resides in Oklahoma with her husband and children.

Be sure to check out her bestselling BROKEN WORLD series, now on the top 100 book in dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction on Amazon.

Author links:   Website   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Goodreads
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