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Love Found by Caylie Marcoe 
Publication date: November 13th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Haley Cavanaugh’s heart is broken.

Shattered into a million pieces, and that’s just how she’d like it to stay.

She doesn’t believe she deserves happiness. She doesn’t understand how to move on while her life is falling apart and her reality is destroyed.

Enter Eli Park.

Eli is someone Haley thought she knew, but who turned out to be so much more than she remembered. He sees through her pain and refuses to be pushed away, even when she lashes out.
Eli’s patience is both frustrating and surprising. Haley was so sure she wanted to go on feeling nothing, but Eli stirs emotions she can’t deny.

Will Haley allow Eli to help her through this horrific time so she can find herself again? Or will she lose the only person who can help heal her heart?

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How’d you come up
with the story for Love Found?

I always knew I wanted to write a more emotional story. One
where the female lead was dealing with a major family issue, but also attending
college, hanging with friends, and falling in love. There wasn’t a specific
moment where this story idea came to me, I think it’s just always been sitting
in the back of my brain waiting for the right moment to be written.

Did you use any real
life experiences in this book?

While it’s not an autobiographical story, there are some
experiences from my life that I pulled on. For instance, my mom also passed
away from cancer, and I was told months before she passed that she was dying
and there was nothing we could do. The whole mother/daughter relationship was,
I think, what I would have wanted to happen had I been older when she passed.

Also, there are a few scenes that may have happened with my
friends in college….I won’t divulge them all, but here are two that stick out
to me.

While the Kyler chair scene seems completely random, my
real-life Kyler also called me in a semi-panic to help her build her chair, and
it’s seriously one of the moments where I think, “Yep, this girl is going to be
one of my best friends.”

I also played Jeopardy with my guy friends before…the Saint
Bridget thing still makes me mad to this day.

Why did you decide to
change the title?

Parting Chances
was originally a working title. But I think in the end, it just stuck, because
I couldn’t come up with anything else that worked. And the more I tried to
explain to myself that it would work and that it made sense, the more I felt
that I could roll with it. 

The issue, however, was that I don’t think anyone else understood the title,
unless it was explained to them. And I felt maybe that was why people were
choosing not to read the book. They would see the title and go, “This makes no
sense,” and click past it.

With Love Found it
makes so much more sense, without any explanation needed.

What made you realize
you wanted to be an author?

For as long as I can remember, I used to make stories up in
my head. When my parents first got a computer, I sat down one day and started
writing an ‘Nsync fan fiction (yes, I was that girl). And one chapter turned
into two…and the next thing I knew, I had thirty two chapters and a legit full
length novel.

And it was fun

Fast forward to 2013, and I was a stay-at-home-mom to two
tiny humans, and I read…a lot. And one day I thought, “Hey, I could have written this story.” So I
sat down at my computer, thought about this recurring dream I’ve had, and wrote
out a chapter. I sent the chapter to a friend to see what she thought, and she
told me she wanted more. That was my awakening, if you will. It was the moment
where I thought, “I could write these stories in my head, and people might
actually enjoy them.”

Are you a plotter or
a pantser? Explain…

I’m a total pantser. I wrote Choose Us based on a recurring dream, and that was really only a
very few scenes. The rest I just…wrote.

With Love Found I
just started writing and it led itself. However, I did get stuck towards the
end and needed to plot some of the story, but for the most part, it was off the
top of my head.

I have plotted a few stories because, as of recent, I’ve
been having a hard time writing anything. I thought maybe plotting would be a
good idea and would help me write something.
But….even that hasn’t worked out well.

Do you have any music that helps you

It depends on the story. For Choose Us it was a lot of pop-punk music, because of who Travis is.
Love Found was a lot of instrumental
piano music, because I needed to be focused and write some pretty difficult
scenes. I have a story where country music helps me write. Or a Christmas story
where…Christmas music works best.

Again, it really just depends on the story. And I am an
eclectic listener; I love most everything.

Have you considered
writing in any other genres?

I have. I would love
to write a paranormal romance. I just have no idea how to dig into that world.
Writing contemporary romances are so much easier for me. 

But I wouldn’t turn down the chance to write a paranormal romance…with the
right co-author, of course. 😉

What’s your favorite
genre to read?

I would have to say contemporary romance. I love me some
romance. But I do love paranormal, dystopian, fantasy, sci-fi (sometimes)…but
they all need a little romance.

What can we expect from you next?

This year has been tough for me with writing. I can’t
pinpoint why, but every story I start, I only make it about five thousand words
in before I bail.

With that being said, I do have a story I’m working on about
long lost love. 

And then there is Nicki’s story…for those of you who have read Choose Us. It’s still being written,
albeit slower than expected. 


Born and raised in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, Caylie fell in love with reading at a young age. With her lively imagination, she created numerous stories in her head throughout her childhood and teenage years.

Her first novel, Choose Us, released in April 2014 and became an Amazon Bestseller.

When she isn’t slaving away at the keyboard, Caylie is an avid reader, and lover of coffee… copious amounts of coffee. She also has an unhealthy addiction to coffee mugs, chapstick, water bottles, football, and tv shows–binge watching is her favorite.

She chases her two kids around the house all day, and has a husband whom she adores.

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