Exploring The Fictional World Of Piper Shelly: Part 6

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This week’s post is a character interview with Tony from Play With Me.
Tony: Hi everyone.
Me: Hi Tony. Let’s get right to the relationship question. Are you seeing
anyone right now?
Tony: Um…no. Liza is
trying to hook me up occasionally, but seriously, I don’t want to be with
anyone just yet. Apart from her.
Me: How is yours and Liza’s friendship?
Tony: She likes me, I
love her, we’re cool.
*Tony takes a deep
breath* Okay, maybe it’s not that cool. I know that for her our friendship
hasn’t really changed. But I find it hard to be around her now. Especially when
we’re alone. I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes I just can’t resist flirting
with her. *He grins and rubs his neck* Then she smacks me on the shoulder and
reminds me that she has a boyfriend now.
Me: Favorite Movie marathon you and Liza had?
Tony: X-Men. And Indiana
Jones. She totally fancies Hugh and Harrison. I liked the special effects.
Me: Do you guys still have the movie marathons together?
Tony: Not alone, no.
Me: Do you plan on playing soccer in college? If so what college would you like
to end up at to play on that team?
Tony: No, I don’t plan
to keep playing soccer. Well, of course I’ll do it for fun, but I don’t pursue
a career as a player. In fact I have other plans for my future. I sort of
really like drawing, and working with some guys on an animated movie…well, that
would be a helluva cool thing.
Me: Do you enjoy playing on a co-ed team or would you rather play on an all
men’s team?
Tony: Um, any chance the
girls on my team won’t read this? *grimaces* Between you and me, I enjoy the
training with just us guys more than the co-ed thing. You just have to be too
careful with the girls.
Me: What were your thoughts when Liza decided she was going to try out for the
Tony: Literally: Girl, you don’t have to do this! You’ll just
get hurt.
But when she came to the tryouts with me the next day, I thought
it was nice to have her there, eventually. She was my best friend, and that she
finally seemed interested in the same sports was new. It was cool. For a while.
Now she and a few other girlfriends of team members started to cheerlead for
us. Not the professional way with those little dresses and all the throwing and
stuff, but just for the fun of it. I think that’s really awesome.
Me: Do you really like Red Bull? Or were you just drinking it for show in front
of the team?
Tony: My favorite drink
is lemon flavored ice tea, but Red Bull is okay. I drink it occasionally.
Me: Anything interesting you would like to share with us about you?
Tony: Like what? That I
met Cloey’s annoying cousin recently, and that the weird, short girl keeps
crossing my path? Or that I wear Snoopy boxers today? *He winks at me over his
shoulder as he walks out the door*
Want to learn more about Tony? Click the link below and get your copy of
Play With Me by Piper Shelly.


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