Getting Others To Read

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Do you have people around you that don’t read books? Does this frustrate you? Do you think of ways to encourage them to read? If you answered yes to these then we are in the same boat.  I have three people around me that I promote reading books to and have got no where with. 

I have a 13 year old son who doesn’t like to read books. I’ve tried so many different approaches to get him to read and have got no where. He has gone with me to book signings and seems interested in a book, which then I buy thinking he’ll read it. Doesn’t happen though. It does frustrate me that he doesn’t like to read. I’m hoping when he is older that he’ll change. 
My son isn’t the only one that I have this situation with. The next person is my husband. There has been so many books I ask him to read so we could have a good discussion on but he won’t. I’ve bought him books about topics he enjoys and he won’t read those either. Of course he will listen to me when I talk to him about a book. It’s not the same type of discussion as it would be if he’d read the book. 
Another close person to me that doesn’t read is my closest friend. I buy her books and she’ll read a couple of chapters and then will abandon the book. I’ll encourage her to finish the book so we can talk about it but she hasn’t finished reading one of the books I’ve bought for her. 
I don’t know if I should continue to encourage them to read books or if I should just admit to myself that it isn’t going to happen. For those of you that answered yes to my beginning questions; what have you done and have your efforts been successful? 


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