I Did It!!

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At the end of last year I agreed to a challenge to read 100 books in 2012. My husband told me it was not possible to do this and my son looked at me as if I were crazy. Well, I proved that I am in fact not crazy (well a little lol) and that it was in fact possible. On December 3rd, 2012 I have read 100 books. I am very proud of myself that I was able to complete this challenge and am hoping to end the year with a total of 110 books but we shall see.
I have to admit, it was difficult at times to keep on pace for this challenge and I made a lot of sacrifices. Some of those sacrifices being, sleeping on the couch so I could stay up all night reading, not conversing with my husband for a few days a week, picking up fast food for dinner, and occasionally not taking my daily shower (at least I made sure I had time to put deodorant on).
Obviously when you’re working full-time and are trying to complete a challenge of this magnitude you must make some changes. I realized that I was unable to do all the things that my husband and son were accustomed to. With that realization, I stopped preparing my son’s dinner plate for him, told my husband to pick up his own socks off the floor and taught my son to do his own laundry.
Although changes and sacrifices were made in order to complete this challenge, it is awesome to say that I DID IT!! I do have to thank my wonderful husband though; he is always supportive to me and completely understood the small sacrifices I made. He was by my side rooting me on and asking about the books that I’ve read throughout the challenge. My twelve year old son was also rooting me on throughout the challenge always asking me which book I was on and inquiring about what I was going to read next.
Will I do the challenge again next year? Heck yea!!! Do any of your make sacrifices because of your reading habits? Do you challenge yourself to read more?
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5 responses to “I Did It!!

  1. Lis

    Congratulations Lisa!!!
    I made the same challenge, and I was very good, but last month and this I've been so.. not in the mood, that now I'm 10 books behind. So, I guess next year will be.

  2. Congratulations Lisa! I am doing the challenge for 2013 and it will be a challenge for me. I really love to read but it is so hard to find the time. I am setting a goal for myself so I am hoping I can stay to it!

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