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I’m one of those that likes reading about strong female characters as a lead. I don’t want to read about a weak female that is lame. As much as I love Twilight, Bella was a weak lead for me. I’m sorry that you’re sad that Edward left, I was sad too, but pull yourself together.

I want kick ass chicks that save the day. Not one that needs to be saved. So, with that here is my list of a few kick ass chicks I have enjoyed reading about…


 Clary I just love how she was brave from the start.  I have loved seeing her character grow in such an amazing way and I can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

 Tessa is one of my all time favorite characters.  Not knowing where to fit in she still fits in and is strong willed for this time period.
Tris has gone from the bottom to the top and gotten tattoos along the way to show how bad ass she is.
Katniss, is a strong person that wants to survive not just for herself but her family.
 Hermione is up there with Tessa on my favorites list.  If you thought she was bad ass in the movies, read the books…It will blow your mind!
Juliette I found to be brave even when she was in a cell.  To last that long is something I couldn’t do.  And to be wanted just because of your horrible “gift.”
 Gabi and Lia are two sisters stuck in a time period that only left women good for cooking and birthing.  But when they showed up they left Italy in shock over how girls could be that good at things other than in the kitchen and the bedroom, it made all the men want them and the woman want to be them.

Rose and Lissa are two strong leads that counter weigh each other.  One thinks she’s weak but ends up being the biggest kick ass chick of them all!  Richelle Mead is a great writer that always has strong female leads and I enjoy reading her stuff for that reason!

Cat has always been a great character to read about.  She knows what she wants and how it’s going to get done.  Sometimes she jumps the gun and Bones brings her back to where she belongs.  He is a great husband for her, to let her be her own person.
What kick ass chicks do you like to read about?



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  1. I would say one of the strongest and most fun female leads I've read is Magiere from the "Noble Dead" saga by Barb and J.C. Hendee. Also, "Living with Ghosts" by Kari Sperring has great, strong female protagonists (Yvelliane and Iareth) and a pretty wicked female antagonist (Quenfrida).

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