Look Inside: The Jamieson Collection by Angie Stanton

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Celebrating the release of The
Jamieson Collection with Harper Collins, today’s post gives you a look inside
the books and a great giveaway!

Title: Rock and a Hard Place (The Jamieson
Collection, #1) and Snapshot (The Jamieson Collection, #2)
Author: Angie Stanton
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release date: September 24, 2013 (re-release with
Harper Collins)
Genre: Contemporary
Age Group: Young Adult

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One day while watching the Interstate exit for her dad’s
long awaited return, Libby’s life is rocked when Peter Jamieson steps off his
tour bus and into her life. After a couple chance meetings with Peter, Libby
breaks away from her perfect behavior and her life changes course.

Peter longs for normalcy away from the screaming fans who know nothing about
the real him. He is amazed to discover Libby has never heard of him or his
band. Soon their friendship turns to love. While Peter battles his family’s
growing interference so he can spend time with Libby, she struggles with her
eccentric aunt who turns more bizarre each day.

Their lives are torn apart when Peter’s family intrudes and Libby disappears.
Peter’s desperate search for her comes up empty. Can they find their way back
to each other while the world plots against them?

How about a teaser from Rock And A Hard Place…..

Peter never understood before this moment what loss meant.
Here, in his arms, was a fragile, quivering girl who’d lost everything in her
world. She put on such a strong act, pretending her life was normal, when it
was everything but.

~Angie Stanton-Rock and a Hard Place

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Hunter hates rockers and anything remotely related to the rock-and-roll lifestyle.
She thought she’d left that all behind, along with her drug-addicted mother and
absent-minded rock legend father. Now she lives with her grandmother, and
Marti’s life is finally normal. Just the way she likes it.

For Adam Jamieson, normal is not possible. He is the genius guitar player of
the band Jamieson. He’s ecstatic to finally get a two-week break from his
micromanaged life and a chance to hang with regular teens. Adam’s shaving off
his trademark curls and going undercover.

But when Marti, the reluctant rock princess, and Adam, the undercover guitar
wizard, meet, sparks fly in more ways than one. They spend their time
alternating between making out and driving each other crazy. But their summer
adventures of skinny dipping, storm watching, and stolen kisses are brought to
a halt when tragedy strikes.

Suddenly, they’re on opposite sides of the country, just when they need each
other the most. Can Marti survive life with her dad and his vicious girlfriend?
Will Adam get so fed up with his over-managed life and controlling parents that
he quits the band?

Snapshot. A moment in time that changes two people forever.

How about a excerpt from Snapshot…..

Adam shook his head. “Your dad
made you drive him to the liquor store when you were only ten years old? That
is so messed up! How could he be so stupid?”

“The short answer is that he’s a
coke-head, alcoholic musician who thinks he’s entitled to whatever he wants,
and laws aren’t meant for him,” Marti said.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.”
Dumbstruck by her words, Adam tipped his cup back only to find it empty. He
fumbled with the cooler for a refill, enjoying his full-on buzz.

“No, it’s fine. I don’t usually
talk about him much, since he’s a washed-up rocker with no sense of
reality.  I guess the juice here made me talk too much.” She lifted her

Her dad was a musician, a rocker!
Adam wondered if it was someone he’d heard of or just a small time musician
who’d never hit it big. “I’m glad you live with your Grandma and don’t have to
see him.” He leaned closer and could see a light sprinkle of freckles on her
nose. He liked Marti and her strong opinions. She didn’t flutter around and try
to be someone she wasn’t.

“I don’t plan on ever seeing him
again. He’s so screwed up.” She said.

~Angie Stanton-Snapshot

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About the Author

Angie Stanton never planned
on writing books, she wanted to be a Rockette. However, growing up in a rural
setting with her brothers’ 4-H pigs as pets, dance didn’t work out. Instead she
became an avid daydreamer. After years of perfecting stories in her head she
began to write them down and the rest is history.

She loves dipping french
fries in chocolate shakes, all natural disaster movies and Broadway Musicals.
When not writing, Angie is concocting ways to make more dreams come true,
whether it be tickets to a Broadway show or convincing her family they should
rent an RV and travel the country. She’s still working on that one.

Angie is a proud double
finalist of the 2011 National Readers Choice Awards for Love ’em or Leave ’em,
as well as a finalist for the Golden Quill Awards.

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And now for the giveaway……

dates –  Sept. 24th-October

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