My Experience With Meeting Authors

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I really love it when I have an opportunity to meet authors. Even though I get really nervous and a bit tongue -tied. I always want to be able to say something really cool but my mind seems to go blank. You would think since I have  had the pleasure to meet approximately 25 authors in person; that I would feel more comfortable and confident. Yea….no it hasn’t happened.  I recently met Lisa McMann. Prior to getting into line to meet her and have her sign my copy of Crash; my hands began to sweat and my mind went blank. As I was standing there, wondering what I should say, the line kept moving. I then started letting people in back of me cut in front of me to allow me time to be able to think of something. I didn’t want to move all the way back to the end of the line and appear foolish so; I stayed where I was and thought harder. When it was my turn, I simply said, “I love your writing and I cant wait to read Crash.” Lisa said, “Thank you”. She signed by books and then I quickly asked for a picture; which she agreed to.

I don’t know what it is when I meet authors or actors I automatically feel like I am an 8 year old child who is mute or at times, who has a stuttering problem. I truly hope I can overcome this a bit because in May I will be meeting many authors between the RT Convention and the BEA and I don’t want to have a heart attack due to the self-induced stress.

Have any of you felt this way before when you met either an author or an actor?

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17 responses to “My Experience With Meeting Authors

  1. I haven't gotten to yet, but I'm hoping to meet Heather Huffman soon! We're friends that have never met! lol She's an amazing writer and truly an inspiration. 🙂

  2. I haven't met any authors yet. 🙁 Hopefully someday I will. And hopefully someday I'll be one of the authors you get to interview! Don't feel bad though, I'm awkward like that even when I meet normal people.

  3. I have met Lisa Scottoline and Stephenie Meyer and both authors were great. Lisa brought her dogs to the book signing and question and answer session. I felt like I really knew her after the signing.

  4. I met 1 author awhile ago and I was very nervous and excited. When it came time for him to sign my book I almost forgot my name. That was the only time I met an author.

  5. I have met a number of authors on Facebook through gift exchanges. I have even received autographed copies of their books as well. Unfortunately, I have not read any of them yet.

  6. What fun! I missed out on the chance to meet Meg Cabot last summer while she was in the area doing a signing. I really wish I'd jumped at the chance of getting one of the books in one of my favorite series' signed (The Mediator – seriously amazing!)

    While you're at RT you should look for the Melange Books / Fire and Ice YA booth! I won't be there (darnit!) but my mom (the company owner) will be! You can get a sweet magnet and M&M's 🙂

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