My Name is Sarah and I like books with sex in them.

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*Caution some SPOILERS may apply*
Okay, so not all books I read need to have sex in them. I am a huge YA reader but due to the lack of sex and sometimes kissing it does turn me off on reading a YA book and I end up back into the paranormal romance area because all the “maybes” “almost theres” and “not happenings” force me to get the action somewhere else. But if there is a love interest it would be nice to have some kind of action in there. I’m just saying.

I felt like in Breaking Dawn when Edward & Bella finally did it, there was nothing on our end. It was like we blinked and it was on to another part. I understand it’s a young adult book but a little detail would have been nice.  I’m sure we all would have liked more detail on what it was like to be with Edward Cullen. 

Now in Amanda Hocking’s books, they are YA, there is a little bit of detail in them when it was time for that part to come into play, which is nice instead of not mentioning it. I just read her Hollowlands and I was excited when it got towards the end of the book because I knew these two characters were going to do it. If she ever writes an adult book, I’m pre-ordering that bad boy!

And it would be nice if Jace & Clary finally had sex in the Mortal Instruments. I finally thought it was going to happen in City of Lost Souls but no… Clary freaked out at the club so that put a damper on the whole thing. *Insert my sad face here.

The first book I ever read with some real sex in it was The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris. I was so shocked by how much detail she put into it. I think I went back and read that part again for a second time.

But then I read The Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward and those brothers made Sookie’s sex seem like nothing, seriously. I mean when you get a sex part before page 50 in the first book you know these books are going to be amazing! And each book in that series the sex parts seem to get better and better. And by the way if you haven’t read them you are so missing out!

Now on to Fifty Shades of Grey. Oh my Christian Grey! I read all three books in less then a week and my house looked like crap due me just reading. But I didn’t care, I was reading a book with enough action to satisfy my need for the rest of the year! Thank you Ms. EL James! I realize these kind of books aren’t for everyone, for example I had a friend who read them and skipped over all the sex parts. At this point girlfriend only read 10% of that books, maybe. Meaning she missed out on all the great parts.

Bared To You by Sylvia Day. I loved this book so much more then 50. I know, I know kill me now. I’m not sure what it was but I just enjoyed it way more. Maybe because there wasn’t a virgin in there? But I loved that the sex wasn’t that dominate sex that I thought it was going to be. The next book in her trilogy comes out in October and I can NOT wait!

I haven’t read Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, Megan Hart’s books and Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster book but they are on my wish list & I hope I can read them soon. I heard they are juicy!

Sex is not the reason I read so don’t get me wrong. I just wish that when the time is there, for it to be there…With details.


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