My Reading Don't List

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When it comes to reading I keep an open mind to most everything but I do have some things I don’t do. Below is my don’t list.

– I do NOT fold over any page of my books. I cannot stand to have any creases on the pages and like to keep them in pristine condition.

-I do not lend out my books to friends or family. I’ve learned my lesson on this last year. I buy them their own copy instead.

-I cannot read more than one book at a time. I like to keep focused on the book I’m reading and would fear that I would get them mixed up.

-I don’t read excerpts of books. I don’t want to read just a couple of chapters and love it just to have to wait for the entire book. I don’t really have a lot of patience when it comes to something I want.

-I don’t use my kindle as often as I should. I prefer holding the actual book while reading and if I do read a kindle book and love it; more than likely I will buy the regular book to have for my collection.

-I don’t like being interrupted while I’m reading. There have been times I have purposefully ignored my husband while he is talking if I’m at a spot where I can’t stop.

-On weekends I don’t get a lot of sleep; primarily because that is when I get the majority of my reading done and I tend to stay up late and wake up early.

Do you have any a reading don’t list?


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  1. I feel the same way about creasing pages. My husband tried to dog ear a page in City of Bones and I about killed him! He is now required to use a bookmark in any book of mine he reads, I don't care what he does with his own but I won't hesitate to ban him from my collection! I also have a very select list of friends and family who get to borrow my books.

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