My Take On Fifty Shades Of Grey

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***Warning… There are SPOILERS below.***
The movie and the books have a lot of controversy surrounding them. Personally, I enjoyed the books. The sex in the books was just the icing on the cake for me. For me, the story between Anastasia and Christian was what kept me reading the books. How each of them became vulnerable to each other was simply beautiful. 
When the movie came out I was excited to see it. Unfortunately I had to wait until Saturday to watch it and I had to go alone as my friends had Valentine’s Day plans and my hubby didn’t want to watch it. I wasn’t going to wait to see it. 
I was actually surprised by how many men were in the theatre. I’d say half of the full theatre were men and some were there without any women.  It was actually nice to see so many wanting to see it. 
I thought the movie was fabulous. There were some areas which seemed to be a bit rushed but I think that happens a lot in movies which are based on books. 
Dakota Johnson was amazing! Her portrayal of Anastasia was spot on. When she was initially chosen for the part, I’ll admit, I was hesitant. She totally nailed it though. The way Dakota was able to really express the various emotions throughout the movie was amazing. 
Jamie Dornan, on the other hand, I wasn’t completely sold on. He did alright in his portrayal of Christian but it felt like he was missing something. I don’t know how to explain my thoughts but I just didn’t see or feel Christian in his portrayal. But I will say I totally LOVE him in those torn faded jeans falling off his waist and showing his firm V. 
I felt the movie brought to life the pieces of the book that I loved. I definitely felt the same draw to the movie as I did with the books. 
Here are five of my favorite scenes, in no particular order:
-Christian and Anastasia flying in Charlie Tango.
-Anastasia’s introduction to the red room.
-Christian in the torn faded low rise jeans.
-The elevator scene where they are making out and the door opens for a group of business men.
-The ice cube scene. 
What are your thoughts about the movie? What was your favorite scenes? 

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2 responses to “My Take On Fifty Shades Of Grey

  1. You stole a lot of the thoughts right from my head! I will have to say that I expected the jeans to be a little more faded and tattered, but overall I was rather pleased! I was definitely impressed with Dakota!

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