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Demon Eyes (Witch Eyes Series #2) by Scott Tracey
thought he had destroyed Lucien, a calculating demon trapped for centuries in a
human body. But he’s haunted by disturbing visions of the undead demon
promising to return and a terrible warning: The feud between Belle Dam’s two
witch dynasties—ruled by Catherine Lansing and Braden’s father—is about to get
unimaginably worse. As young girls start disappearing from town, Braden knows
Lucien’s diabolical scheme has been set in motion. Forced to explore the
unknown powers of his witch eyes, Braden becomes the ultimate weapon in a
deadly magical war.

NYPD Read by James Patterson and Marshall Karp

the start of Hollywood on Hudson, and New York City is swept up in the glamour.
Every night, the red carpet rolls out for movie stars arriving at premieres in
limos; the most exclusive restaurants close for private parties for wealthy
producers and preeminent directors; and thousands of fans gather with the
paparazzi, hoping to catch a glimpse of the most famous and beautiful faces in
the world. With this many celebrities in town, special task force NYPD Red is
on high alert-and they can’t afford to make a single mistake.

a world-renowned producer fatally collapses at his power breakfast, and top
NYPD Red Detective Zach Jordan is the first one on the scene. Zach works with
his beautiful new partner, Detective Kylie MacDonald-who also happens to be his
ex-girlfriend-to discover who the murderer might be. But this is only the
beginning: the most brutal, public, and horrifyingly spectacular crimes they’ve
ever encountered are about to send all of New York into chaos, putting NYPD Red
on the ropes.

and Kylie know there’s no way of telling what a killer this deranged will do
next. With the whole world watching, they have to find a way to stop a
psychopath who has scripted his finale down to the last explosive detail. With
larger-than-life action, relentless speed, and white-knuckle twists, NYPD
is the next mega-blockbuster from “The Man Who Can’t Miss.”
Yellowfang’s Secret (Warriors Super Edition Series) by Erin Hunter

secret could destroy them all. . . .

is a ShadowClan cat through and through and she can’t wait to become a fearless
warrior. Then Yellowkit trains as an apprentice and finally receives her
warrior name, Yellowfang—and much to her surprise, she realizes that her paws
weren’t meant to shed blood. Her true destiny lies as a healer, and she takes
her place as ShadowClan’s medicine cat apprentice.

Yellowfang’s dreams are haunted by a dark prophecy, and every paw step she
takes seems drenched in heartache. As she struggles to separate herself from
her warrior past, she realizes that the future she faces is bleak and
dim—colored by a devastating secret that could destroy the warrior Clans.

Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond by Kim Harrison

the woods . . . if you dare

the Woods

centuries, the woods have been a pivotal part of the wonder and danger of fairy
tales, for once you enter anything can happen. Elves, druids, fairies—who knows
what you will find once you dare step into the forest?

now, New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison ventures into these
mysterious, hidden lands of magic and mystery in her first short-story
collection. Into the Woods brings together an enchanting mix of
brand-new, never-before-published stories and tales from Harrison’s beloved,
bestselling Hollows series.

tales here include an original Hollows novella, Million-Dollar Baby,
about Trent Kalamack’s secret elven quest in Pale Demon; two original
short stories, “Pet Shop Boys” and “Temson Woods,” that
explore just what happens when humanity and the supernatural collide; and two
novelettes, “Spider Silk” and “Grace,” set in new worlds of
imagination and adventure. Into the Woods also contains all of the
previously published Hollows short stories—together in one volume for the very
first time.

into the woods and discover the magic for yourself.

The Fire Chronicle (Books of Beginning Series #2) by John Stephens


been six months since Kate, Michael, and Emma confronted the Dire Magnus, but
the trail to their long-missing parents remains cold. Then Michael and Emma
find a man who saw them ten years ago—three days after they disappeared.
He knows about a map of a distant land, a place shrouded in mystery that may
lead them to their parents.

Kate’s connection to the Book of Time is growing stronger and stronger, until a
dangerous trick gets her stuck in the past, searching for a friend to help her.

a perilous quest and a daring risk will help the children to harness the power
of the Books of Beginning. But will it be enough to save them?
Guardian (Halfling Series #2) by Heather Burch

The mission to safeguard Nikki Youngblood depends on the fragile alliance of
two half-angel, half-human guardians, both struggling with intense feelings for
the girl who has been assigned to their care. Mace, steadfast and deeply in
love, wants to protect Nikki at all costs, while Raven’s loyalty to Nikki finds
him advocating for her independence and battling his own darker inclinations.
At the same time, Nikki finds it harder and harder to choose between the two
heavenly beings she may never have.
Dangers intensify, and tensions between Mace and Raven flare as the purpose of
their mission becomes clear. Can their defenses hold up to master manipulator
Damon Vessler and the powerful secret he holds regarding Nikki’s heritage? Can
anyone protect Nikki from her true purpose and destiny?

Romeo Redeemed by Stacey Jay

to live out eternity in his rotted corpse, Romeo, known for his ruthless,
cutthroat ways, is given the chance to redeem himself by traveling back in time
to save the life of Ariel Dragland. Unbeknownst to her, Ariel is important to
both the evil Mercenaries and the love-promoting Ambassadors and holds the fate
of the world in her hands. Romeo must win her heart and make her believe in love,
turning her away from her darker potential before his work is discovered by the
Mercenaries. While his seduction begins as yet another lie, it soon becomes his
only truth. Romeo vows to protect Ariel from harm, and do whatever it takes to
win her heart and soul. But when Ariel is led to believe his love is a
deception, she becomes vulnerable to Mercenary manipulation, and her own inner
darkness may ultimately rip them apart.
Bunheads by Sophie Flack

a crowd of beautiful ballet dancers, how can one girl stand out?

a dancer with the ultra-prestigious Manhattan Ballet company, nineteen-year-old
Hannah Ward juggles intense rehearsals, dazzling performances, and complicated
backstage relationships. But when she meets a spontaneous and irresistibly cute
musician named Jacob, her universe begins to change.

now, Hannah has happily followed the company’s unofficial mantra, “Don’t
think, just dance.” But as Jacob opens her eyes to the world beyond the
theater, Hannah must decide whether to compete against the other
“bunheads” for a star soloist spot or to strike out on her own.
Winer White (Belles Series #2) by Jen Calonita

Scott and Mirabelle Monroe are still reeling from the revelation that they
share more than just the roof over their heads. The media has pounced on their
story and the girls are caught up in a flurry of talk-show appearances and
newspaper interviews. They’ve put on a happy public face, but someone is
leaking their true feelings to the press, and while it seems like the world is
watching their every move, at least they have each other.

with cotillion season right around the corner, Izzie and Mira have barely had
time to process their newfound sisterhood. Mira has dreamed of making her debut
in a gorgeous white gown forever-now, if only she could find an escort. Izzie,
meanwhile, is still struggling to find her place in Emerald Cove and it’s
seeming ever more impossible with EC mean-girls, young and old, doing their
best to keep her down. As cotillion preparations heat up, though, there are
dance steps to learn, manners to perfect… and secret initiations to complete?
As if sophomore year wasn’t hard enough!

time for the gowns to go on and the gloves to come off.

Velveteen by Daniel Marks

Monroe is dead. At 16, she was kidnapped and murdered by a madman named
Bonesaw. But that’s not the problem.

problem is she landed in purgatory. And while it’s not a fiery inferno, it’s
certainly no heaven. It’s gray, ashen, and crumbling more and more by the day,
and everyone has a job to do. Which doesn’t leave Velveteen much time to do
anything about what’s really on her mind.


aches to deliver the bloody punishment her killer deserves. And she’s figured
out just how to do it. She’ll haunt him for the rest of his days.
It’ll be brutal . . . and awesome.

crossing the divide between the living and the dead has devastating
consequences. Velveteen’s obsessive haunting cracks the foundations of
purgatory and jeopardizes her very soul. A risk she’s willing to take—except
fate has just given her reason to stick around: an unreasonably hot and
completely off-limits coworker.

can’t help herself when it comes to breaking rules . . . or getting revenge.
And she just might be angry enough to take everyone down with her.

Easy (ebook) by Tammara Webber

girl who believes trust can be misplaced, promises are made to be broken, and
loyalty is an illusion. A boy who believes truth is relative, lies can mask
unbearable pain, and guilt is eternal. Will what they find in each other
validate their conclusions, or disprove them all?

When Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend to the college of his choice,
the last thing she expects is a breakup two months into sophomore year. After
two weeks in shock, she wakes up to her new reality: she’s single, attending a
state university instead of a music conservatory, ignored by her former circle
of friends, and failing a class for the first time in her life.

Leaving a party alone, Jacqueline is assaulted by her ex’s frat brother.
Rescued by a stranger who seems to be in the right place at the right time, she
wants nothing more than to forget the attack and that night–but her savior,
Lucas, sits on the back row of her econ class, sketching in a notebook and
staring at her. Her friends nominate him to be the perfect rebound.

When her attacker turns stalker, Jacqueline has a choice: crumple in defeat or
learn to fight back. Lucas remains protective, but he’s hiding secrets of his
own. Suddenly appearances are everything, and knowing who to trust is anything
but easy.

The Katerina Trilogy, Vol II: The Unfailing Light by Robin Bridges

had no choice but to use her power has a necromancer to save Russia from dark
forces, Katerina Alexandrovna, Duchess of Oldenburg, now wants to forget that
she ever used her special powers. She’s about to set off to pursue her lifelong
dream of attending medical school when she discovers that Russia’s arch
nemesis—who she thought she’d destroyed—is still alive. So on imperial orders,
Katerina remains at her old finishing school. She’ll be safe there, because the
empress has cast a potent spell to protect it against the vampires and
revenants who are bent on toppling the tsar and using Katerina for their own
gains. But to Katerina’s horror, the spell unleashes a vengeful ghost within
the school, a ghost more dangerous than any creature trying to get in.

Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson

ever happens in Norway. But at least Ellie knows what to expect when she visits
her grandmother: a tranquil fishing village and long, slow summer days. And
maybe she’ll finally get out from under the shadow of her way-too-perfect big
brother, Graham, while she’s there.

Ellie doesn’t anticipate is Graham’s infuriating best friend, Tuck, tagging
along for the trip. Nor did she imagine boys going missing amid rumors of
impossible kidnappings. Least of all does she expect that something powerful
and ancient will awaken in her and that strange whispers will urge Ellie to
claim her place among mythological warriors. Instead of peace and quiet, suddenly
there’s a lot for a girl from L.A. to handle on a summer sojourn in Norway! And
when Graham vanishes, it’s up to Ellie—and the ever-sarcastic, if undeniably
alluring, Tuck—to uncover the truth about all the disappearances and thwart the
nefarious plan behind them.

legends, hidden identities, and tentative romance swirl together in one girl’s
unexpectedly epic coming-of-age.
The Lost Books by Ted Dekker

Hunter, supreme commander of the Forest Guard, has seen a great evil decimate
his beautiful world. With a dwindling army and an epic threat, he is forced to
supplement his fighters with new—young—recruits. From thousands, four will be
chosen to lead a special mission.
InfidelStretched to
their limits, the heroic youngForest Guard recruits—Johnis, Silvie, Billos, and
Darsal—face new dangers on their mission to secure the seven Lost Books of
History. In the end, one will be revealed an Infidel. And nothing will be the
same for the remaining Chosen.
RenegadeTurning his back
on all he once believed, Billos does the forbidden and enters a Book of
History. He lands in a reality as foreign to him as water is to oil—a place
called Paradise, Colorado. He has strange new powers given to him courtesy of a
mysterious figure—Marsuvees Black.
ChaosDeep in the
mountains of Romania stands a fortress.Within itlies a dark chamber where one
Shataiki bat straight from the bowels of the Black Forest has beenruling the
dead for over two thousand years. He seeks the final Book of History with which
he will destroy the world. But there are four who stand in his way.
Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

magical city divided. A political rebellion ignited. A love that was meant to
last forever.

Aria Rose, youngest scion of one of Mystic City’s two ruling rival families,
finds herself betrothed to Thomas Foster, the son of her parents’ sworn
enemies. The union of the two will end the generations-long political feud—and
unite all those living in the Aeries, the privileged upper reaches of the city,
against the banished mystics who dwell below in the Depths. But Aria doesn’t
remember falling in love with Thomas; in fact, she wakes one day with huge gaps
in her memory. And she can’t conceive why her parents would have agreed to
unite with the Fosters in the first place. Only when Aria meets Hunter, a
gorgeous rebel mystic from the Depths, does she start to have glimmers of
recollection—and to understand that he holds the key to unlocking her past. The
choices she makes can save or doom the city—including herself.

Kiss of Death by Debbie

the wake of a failed attempt to defeat the vampire Richelieu, Susan and her
friends are weakened and divided. Raphael must set aside his animosity and join
with his enigmatic sire Gabriel to discover a powerful weapon before Richelieu
claims it. Meanwhile, Susan and her cousin Wendy translate a 12th century diary
belonging to their ancestor, Carissa, to learn the origin of their family’s
connection with the vampires. As Carissa’s story of love and betrayal unfolds,
they discover the secrets of the present will only be revealed by solving the
mysteries of the past.

The False Princess by Eilis O’Neal

and heir to the throne of Thorvaldor, Nalia has led a privileged life at court.
But everything changes when she learns, just after her sixteenth birthday, that
she is a false princess, a stand-in for the real Nalia, who has been hidden
away for her protection. Cast out with little more than the clothes on her
back, the girl now called Sinda must leave behind the city, her best friend,
Kiernan, and the only life she’s ever known.

to live with her only surviving relative—a cold, scornful woman with little
patience for her newfound niece—Sinda proves inept at even the simplest tasks.
Then she discovers that magic runs through her veins—long-suppressed, dangerous
magic that she must learn to control—and she realizes that she will never learn
to be just a simple village girl.

returns to the city to seek answers. Instead, she rediscovers the boy who
refused to forsake her, and uncovers a secret that could change the course of
Thorvaldor’s history forever.

intricately plotted and completely satisfying adventure, The False Princess is
both an engaging tale in the tradition of great fantasy novels and a story
never told before that will enchant—and surprise—its readers

The Dick Commander Family: How Faith, Family and Ducks Built a Dynasty by Willie & Korie Robertson with Mark Schlabach

Family. Ducks—in that order.

book gives readers an up-close and personal, behind-the-scenes look at the
family in the exploding A&E show—Duck Dynasty. This Louisiana bayou family
operates Duck Commander, a booming family business that has made them millions.
You’ll hear all about the Robertson clan from Willie and what it was like
growing up in the Robertson household. You’ll sample some of Willie’s favorite
family recipes from Phil, Kay, and even some of his own concoctions; and you’ll
get to know the beautiful Robertson women. You’ll hear from Korie about the
joys and hardships of raising a family, running a business, and wrangling the
Robertson men while staying fashionable and beautiful inside and out. Discover
more about the family dynamics between brothers Willie, Jase, Jep, and parents
Phil and Kay. You’ll even meet a fourth brother who isn’t in the show.
popularity of Duck Dynasty is skyrocketing, garnering a Wednesday-night
top two finish in all of cable. The book releases in time for season two of the
show in October 2012.
The Tucci Cookbook by Stanley Tucci and Forword by Mario Batali
is some truth to the old adage “Most of the world eats to live, but Italians
live to eat.”
is it about a good Italian supper that feels like home, no matter where you’re
from? Heaping plates of steaming pasta . . . crisp fresh vegetables . . .
simple hearty soups . . . sumptuous stuffed meats . . . all punctuated with
luscious, warm confections.
acclaimed actor Stanley Tucci, teasing our taste buds in classic foodie films
such as Big Night and Julie & Julia was a logical progression
from a childhood filled with innovative homemade Italian meals: decadent
Venetian Seafood Salad; rich and gratifying Lasagna Made with Polenta and
Gorgonzola Cheese; spicy Spaghetti with Tomato and Tuna; delicate Pork
Tenderloin with Fennel and Rosemary; fruity Roast Duck with Fresh Figs;
flavorful Baked Whole Fish in an Aromatic Salt Crust; savory Eggplant and
Zucchini Casserole with Potatoes; buttery Plum and Polenta Cake; and yes, of
course, the legendary Timpano.
nearly 200 irresistible recipes, perfectly paired with delicious wines, The
Tucci Cookbook
is brimming with robust flavors, beloved Italian traditions,
mouthwatering photographs, and engaging, previously untold stories from the
family’s kitchen.
In the Tall Grass (ebook) by Stephen King & Joe Hill

81 meets “N.” in this eBook collaboration between Stephen King and his son Joe

USA TODAY said of Stephen King’s Mile 81: “Park and scream. Could there
be any better place to set a horror story than an abandoned rest stop?” In
the Tall Grass
begins with a sister and brother who pull off to the side of
the road after hearing a young boy crying for help from beyond the tall grass.
Within minutes they are disoriented, in deeper than seems possible, and they’ve
lost one another. The boy’s cries are more and more desperate. What follows is
a terrifying, entertaining, and masterfully told tale, as only Stephen King and
Joe Hill can deliver.
A Thousand Mornings by Mary Oliver

A THOUSAND MORNINGS, Mary Oliver returns to the imagery that has come to define
her life’s work, transporting us to the marshland and coastline of her beloved
home, Provincetown, Massachusetts. In these pages, Oliver shares the wonder of
dawn, the grace of animals, and the transformative power of attention. Whether
studying the leaves of a tree or mourning her adored dog, Percy, she is ever
patient in her observations and open to the teachings contained in the smallest
of moments.
most precious chronicler of physical landscape, Oliver opens our eyes to the
nature within, to its wild and its quiet. With startling clarity, humor, and
kindness, A THOUSAND MORNINGS explores the mysteries of our daily
Island of Bones by Imogen Robertson

has a wicked way with suspense.” —Seattle Times

Robertson’s first two historical suspense novels featuring the forthright Mrs.
Harriet Westerman and reclusive anatomist Gabriel Crowther have earned both
glowing praise and a growing readership.

1783. In Island of Bones, Crowther’s haunting past is at last revealed. For
years he has pursued his forensic studies—and the occasional murder
investigation—far from his family estate. But an ancient tomb there will reveal
a wealth of secrets.
When laborers discover an extra body inside, the lure of the mystery brings
Crowther home at last. Fans of both historical fiction à la Anne Perry and the
intricate forensics of Tess Gerritsen will be delighted by Robertson’s latest.


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