No Cancer Please

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I’m one of those that avoids books with cancer in it. I get upset when I’m into a book and cancer comes up. I’m just not strong enough to deal with it. Seeing two people you love wither away from it will do that to you. I wanted to read The Fault in Our Stars for awhile now, based on the cover alone, but once I found out it was about cancer I knew I couldn’t do it. Then I saw the trailer for it when I went to see Vampire Academy and I knew I had to suck it up and try to read it.
I was very nervous about starting it. My anxiety went up with the thought of reading it. I knew I had to do it soon since the movie was coming out. I finished a book and decided it was time to read it. It just so happens that I started reading it on the third anniversary of my mom’s best friends death, she passed away from colon cancer. I thought maybe this would help me in a way get over a hump in my life dealing with cancer. I didn’t get too far that day in reading it since I had a memorial to go to for our dear friend. 
I had no problems reading it. Somethings they were talking about in the book I knew about them and it reminded me of what we went through.  I’m glad the book had humor in it and I think that helped me. Then I go to about 60% in the book and that’s when the sadness hit me. I went to my husband and laid my head on his shoulder and I said, “My book just got really sad.” His response, “I told you not to read that book. You should just stop.” But I couldn’t. I needed to know the out come of the story. I got to the end of the book without shedding one single tear. Um, yeah. Was it sad? Sure. Maybe having lived this situation twice makes you numb to things like this in books? I’m not sure but I got called heartless several times over my non-reaction to it. I’m not totally heartless. I know if the family dog or cat died I would have been a hot mess! Not even joking. 
Okay so I didn’t cry through the book or after. I did enjoy it and I can’t wait to see the movie. Which I know I’m going to cry since I cried watching the trailer. See not heartless. 
Let’s be honest. Who else didn’t cry reading it? 


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