Re-release Event For LOVE AT 11 by Mari Mancusi

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at 11



  New Adult

April 24, 2013

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When Maddy graduated from
Columbia University, she was ready to change the world. She’d get a job at
Newsline, meet a nice guy, and live happily ever after with a real designer
handbag on her arm. Five years later, she’s stuck producing puff pieces for
News 9 San Diego–where “if it bleeds, it leads.” She’s still single,
her family’s falling apart, and so is her knock-off Kate Spade. 
Then Jamie Hayes walks through
her newsroom door. The former filmmaker is everything Maddy has ever dreamed
of. Creative, smart, sweet—and with eyes that could make a girl melt. The
perfect guy…but perfectly unavailable. And the more Maddy tries to stay
away—the further she starts to fall.
Now a secret scoop from her
favorite knock-off purse guy has Maddy chasing a lead that could make her
career. Or destroy it forever. How far is she willing to go to broadcast the
truth? And will this breaking news lead to a happily ever after…or a broken
Stay tuned…it’s the story of a lifetime.

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Jamie grunted contentedly and snuggled in a bit
closer. Was he conscious? Could he possibly know whom he was holding in his
arms? Maybe he had been completely aware of his actions this whole time. Had he
been as drunk as I? I couldn’t remember. Was he a good guy who made a mistake
or a jerk who liked to cheat on his fiancée by taking stupid, drunk girls home
and screwing them?

I suddenly felt disgustingly dirty. Why had I been
so easy? Slut girl: give her a drink and watch her spread her legs. Except,
that wasn’t me at all. Hell, I could count the guys I’d slept with on one hand
and still have a thumb left over. What in the world had possessed me to
drunkenly hook up with a guy I barely knew who was getting married in a few

I thought of Jen, sound asleep in LA, trusting that
her fiancé was alone in his bed too and not curled up, buck naked, in another
woman’s arms. She trusted him, and I’d helped him betray that trust. My stomach
rolled, and not just from the hangover. I needed to get up. Now.

I squirmed out from under Jamie and vacated the bed.
Scanning the room, I found a pair of boxer shorts and an old t-shirt strewn on
the floor. After donning the ensemble, I walked to the bathroom.
Staring in the mirror wasn’t pretty. I looked like
hell on toast. Black circles under my puffy eyes. Makeup smeared. Bleh.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face and then hit
the kitchen to make eggs. What the hell, right? Even the “other woman” needed
to eat a balanced Atkins breakfast, and maybe it would get my mind off things
at the very least. I tried to swallow down the guilt, but it determinedly rose
like bile to my throat. The smell of the scrambled eggs only served to nauseate
me further.

“Maddy?” a sleepy voice behind me said a few minutes
later. I whirled around. Jamie stood in the doorway, deliciously rumpled. He’d
donned his blue jeans but no shirt. I scolded my eyes for straying a second too
long on his perfectly sculpted chest. After all, I’d already done more than my
share of sampling the forbidden goods already. Time to get my mind out of the
gutter and behave like a responsible human being.
I realized my heart was pounding in my chest as I
waited for what he’d say next. Then I remembered my manners.

“Do you want some eggs?”

“Maddy, I’ve got to ask you . . .” He raked a hand
through his mussed hair in a way that made me pretty sure his question wasn’t
whether the eggs came from cage-free chickens.

“Yes?” Cool, calm, collected. Whatever he wanted to
ask me, I’d be okay with it.
“I had a lot to drink last night and I wasn’t sure .
. . Well I woke up and . . .” He looked around the apartment. “Are we at your

“Yeah, ” I said quietly. He didn’t even remember
agreeing to come here. Guess that answered my question about his level of

“Oh. Right. And I woke up in . . .” He pointed
vaguely toward the bedroom. “. . . and I didn’t know . . .”
“You want to know if we had sex.” I spelled it out,
shocked at how clear and cold my voice sounded.
“Y-yeah.” His face reddened at my bluntness. He
hadn’t been so shy last night.

“I don’t know, Jamie. I don’t remember either. But I
woke up in my bed naked. And you were naked next to me. So I’d say chances are
pretty darn good.” I realized I sounded angry. Hurt. Don’t let him see that you

the Author
Mari Mancusi
used to wish she could become a vampire back in high school. But she ended up
in another blood sucking profession –journalism — instead. Today she works as
a freelance TV producer and author of books for teens and adults. When not
writing about creatures of the night, Mari enjoys traveling, cooking, goth
clubbing, watching cheesy horror movies, and her favorite guilty
pleasure–videogames. A graduate of Boston University and a two time Emmy Award
winner, she lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Jacob, daughter Avalon and
dog Mesquite.

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5 responses to “Re-release Event For LOVE AT 11 by Mari Mancusi

  1. Often we trust people who are only out to destroy.
    They often appear friendly and caring.
    It is such "a dog-eat-dog" in careers.
    Thnk you for the giveaway. It sound like an interesting story

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