Release Blitz & Author Interview: Temporary by Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry

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by Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Chick-lit

Release Date: September 12, 2017



The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen is the same one who can ruin everything.

The first time I lay eyes on Callan Walker, I know he’ll be trouble. With his smug grin, hot Aussie accent and thousand dollar shoes, he’s just the kind of rich guy who always gets what he wants.

And he wants two things: a night of sin, and my cooperation as he outmaneuvers his powerful mother to take control of his uncle’s estate.

I can’t afford either one. I’m the only thing standing between my little sister and the foster care system. He may have money and charm on his side, but I have something even more powerful — pure desperation. This temp job at his mother’s company can become a full time job for me. It has to.

But when Callan’s eyes rake over my body, sometimes I forget my obligations. His piercing gaze finds the fun, optimistic girl I used to be and not the tired person I’ve become.

And it works–if only for a moment. Our night together was a mistake. I can’t afford to get sucked into his high-powered family’s treachery. But the closer I get to Callan, the more layers I find beneath those expensive clothes. Though I can’t forget this is temporary. He’s temporary. I have too much to lose.

Too bad my foolish heart didn’t get the memo…


Author Interview:

To coincide with this new release, Girls With Books was fortunate to be selected to conduct an interview with the authors, Sarina Bowen and Sarah Mayberry.  When I’d asked the question of whether the two would work together again,  I hadn’t yet finished reading my copy of Temporary…so now you know that there will be a second book that picks up with a related character.

  • GWB: What brought on this collaboration?
Sarina: I’d been reading Sarah Mayberry for years! And then I figured out that she’d been reading me. So I just wrote her an email to let her know that I thought we’d be a good fit for collaborating.
Sarah: I immediately squealed, wrote back “yes” and did a happy dance. The rest is history.
  • GWB: (Sarina) did this collaboration differ in any way from your previous pairing with Elle Kennedy?  How was it similar?
Sarina: Sarah likes to plot ahead of time more than Elle and I ever did. It was an adjustment but I ended up loving it.
  • GWB: How did you facilitate the writing? Was one author responsible for a particular chapter or character?
Sarah: We wrote an outline together, then we simply passed the baton back and forth at the end of each day. Because of the time difference, that meant we each woke up to a book that had magically written itself while we were sleeping, which was pretty cool.
  • GWB: What would you consider your writing style?  Do you both share a similar style or do you each approach writing in a unique way?
Sarah: I think my writing is pretty straight forward – I’m not a “flowery” writer – and I try to keep things grounded and emotional. I want people to go on an emotional journey when they read my books. And to have a laugh if I can tickle their funny bone.  I think there are a lot of common elements in Sarina’s writing, which is why this collaboration worked.
Sarina: I knew we would blend because I’d been reading Sarah Mayberry for years!
  • GWB: Do you think the two of you may work together again?
Sarina: Well, there’s a secondary character who really needs her story told! So…
  • GWB: What was your favorite part of working together?  Was there anything that proved to be difficult as well?
Sarah: Not really, not for me. The time zone difference was probably a bit tricky for Sarina, who isn’t used to it the way I am.  But she made it very easy for me, since she knew the ropes so well from having worked collaboratively before.
  • GWB: How did the two of you come up with the story and the characters of Grace and Callan?
Sarina: I wanted us to pair a New Yorker with an Aussie. I lived in NYC for sixteen years, and Sarah is Australian. We had a lot of fun with the culture clash!
Sarah: We spitballed and talked about ways to make these people both miserable and happy. It was great fun bouncing off another writer.
  • GWB: What do each of you have planned for the future?  What are you each currently working on?
Sarina: True North #4
Sarah: Brothers Ink #3

Amber’s Review:

Once again, Sarina Bowen has written a book that I absolutely loved.

This time though, she has teamed up with Aussie writer, Sarah Mayberry to give us Temporary (and it’s follow-up – to be named later).

Temporary is the story of a young, responsible working woman, Olivia – forced to modify her dreams and aspirations and get her business degree so that she can support her 15 year old younger sister. Olivia works for a temp agency and has recently been placed with the Walker Holdings and is trying her hardest to impress her way into a permanent position.

Callan Walker is a wealthy playboy who has turned his back on his family and their business. A difference of opinion, Callan is making a name for himself while trying to steer clear of his mother and Walker Holdings head honcho.

This story has a wonderfully strong lead female character and a cocky, arrogant leading male – the perfect combination in my opinion. Witty writing and a great storyline kept me interested and vested. I look forward to reconnecting with Callan and Olivia in Sarah and Sarina’s follow-up story – featuring Callan’s younger sister, Claire.

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