Review For City of Bones: The Movie by Sarah

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***Caution, there maybe spoilers ahead.***
Everyone hopes their favorite book becomes a  movie.  And when that actually happens you’re really excited but then nervous at the same time since you don’t want them to miss one thing and mess up stuff that’s so fantastic.  That’s how I felt about The Mortal Instruments.  I’ve loved them for so long that I was worried what would happen when it was time to be made into a movie.  But no matter I had to go and see the world I fell in love with on the big screen. 
I went opening day with my husband.  Including the two of us there was only ten people in the theater.  It truly made me sad that so many people were missing out on this great movie.  I didn’t go to the midnight showing because only two theaters in Las Vegas were showing it and the closest one to me was clear across town.  So that was a no go for me. Plus the hubby wanted to see the movie with “the kids in the hoodies and the tattoos.” No joke those were his words.
I was happy to see The Catching Fire trailer before the movie.  That was a nice surprise and it got the hubby excited to see that movie also.
Overall I was very happy with how the movie was done.  I like how they left the whole vampire thing with Simon open to move onto the next film.  The husband wanted to see him as one now. I can’t wait to see all the relationships come together as they do the books.  I wish we saw Magnus more than what we did.  That’s my only big complaint.  I can’t wait to see it again in the theaters and I’ll be buying it the first day out on Blu-Ray.  And I hope to go to a premiere with Lisa and our friends for one of these movies…Hint, hint. 😉
Husband: Are they bad?
Me: No.  Those are good Shadowhunters.
Husband: Those are the bad ones right?
Me: Yes.  Those are Valentine’s men.

Husband:  Is he bad?
Me: Yes.
Husband: Oh fuck!

I don’t care that he’s a bad guy.  I find who they picked for Valentine to be a complete hottie.  I would have left with him no questions asked!  And I can’t wait for him in Dracula this Fall to enter my home.

I didn’t care for Jamie, who they picked for Jace.  I’ve always wanted a new face for this role.  I felt they should have gone with someone who wasn’t in Harry Potter & Twilight.  My thought was he’s only going after roles based on books?  I swear if he ends up in The Hunger Games movies, I’m done.
But overall I find that he did a very good job in this role.  I’m not on his team completely but I’m a step closer.
I love that they picked Lily Collins to play Clary.  I was on her team from the moment they said she got the role.  I thought she did a wonderful job bringing this character to life.

The stand inside my theater.
The movie poster and myself.
This poster got me so excited!!!!  I can’t wait for this movie! 


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