Review: A Waltz in Time

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Review: A Waltz in TimeA Waltz in Time by Eva Harlowe
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on May 11th 2017
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Top Five Things Rae Sutherland Worries About 1. Keeping her self-run business in the black 2. Problematic relationship with her mother 3. Lack of ability to tell people to "Take a hike" 4. Sad, pathetic love life 5. Finally meeting the Most Perfect Guy only to have the Most Awful Thing happen Top Five Things Rachel Sutherland Worries About 1. Impending marriage to the Earl of Mayne 2. Problematic relationship with her Mama 3. The grand, imposing Earl of Mayne himself 4. Fear of complete and utter failure 5. This blasted affliction that she just cannot shake off When a cosmic hiccup joins the two women together, Rae Sutherland finds herself in 1840's England. Armed with only her wits and knowledge gleaned from British period films, Rae must now find a way to live the rest of her life in a foreign place and a foreign time. It's Victorian sensibilities versus L.A. sass! First order of business: Ensure that her secret identity is never found out. Second and third orders of business: Keep out of the way of that arrogant, domineering, sinfully sexy earl.

The author provided me with a free copy of this book for an honest review

A Waltz in Time by Eva Harlowe is a lovely, fun, romance romp. It starts out in modern times where we meet our protagonist Rachel. Rachel in present day is a bit shy, a bit quiet, but likes to have fun. She makes a fateful mistake to take a ride with her ex-boyfriend, so that she can end things once and for all in order to pursue a relationship with a new man who has suddenly entered her life, but things don’t go as planned. There is an accident and all of the sudden modern-day Rae has woken up in 18th century England in the body of a girl that looks exactly like her and shares the same name, but is definitely not her. Now Rachel has to acclimate to living in a whole new time and a whole new world…thankfully modern-day Rachel was very well versed in her period piece movies.

Anyone who enjoys Jane Austen will probably like this book. It is sort of like watching a movie adaptation of one of her novels. She uses a great many themes from Austen’s books, or at least it felt that way to me, and anything Jane Austen-esque is pretty much my catnip.  The romance was sort of a hate to love once modern-day Rachel was in the mix, which is one of my favorite romance tropes. Christopher, the main male lead, who happens to be engaged to Rachel of the past, believes her to be quiet and amiable, which is what he was looking for in a wife. Basically, he wants to impregnate her so he can have his heir and then stow her away in one of his country homes, but now after she almost dies of a sickness, it has changed her somehow and he is oddly intrigued by this change that has come over his fiancé and strangely turned on.

I enjoyed the relationships that were developed in the story, both the love and the familial. I loved watching modern day Rachel navigate this new/old world. She is a great character and was well developed. She is tough and savvy, I mean I don’t think I would survive being thrust into the past, no matter how many period pieces I have seen or classical novels I have read. It is interesting to see her have to develop relationships with people she basically knew in her own time, but they are now who they were in the past and she has to reacquaint herself with them and get used to who they are in this current reality. All in all, this is a quick, fun read. I think my only problems with the story were that some of the issues involved in the plot were resolved a little too quick in my opinion, although probably just right for the length of the book. And it would have been nice to delve a little deeper into some of the secondary characters. They were good, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I would have liked to have a bit more resolution to some of their storylines. There was also one other particular thing that I would have liked to have seen in this book, however I can’t really go into detail because I feel that would provide too much of a spoiler, however this particular thing did not take away from the enjoyment of the book at all. So, in my opinion, you should definitely check this book out!



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