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My husband has always found me to be a nerd, dork and a geek. Does it bother me? No. That is what I am so no point in getting hurt when I know that’s what I am.

He doesn’t get why or how I can get lost in a book for hours or days where the only thing I do is feed the kids.

He doesn’t understand why I give up a Saturday to go to a book fair. That’s just not his idea of fun.

He asks sometimes how my book is.

He certainly doesn’t understand how I could sleep on the streets of Los Angeles waiting for a movie that was based on a book. He even asked me when he picked me up from the airport, “Did you get this out of your system?” My response was, “No.”

In January I posted on my personal Facebook the link to an authors interview I did with them. About an hour later I got a text from my husband…

Husband: Did you interview an author?
Me: Yes.
Husband: Did you call them or was it done through email?
Me: Email.
Husband: Why didn’t you tell me you did this kind of thing?
Me: You don’t listen when I talk books with you.

When he got home that night we talked about it again. He was kind of upset that I thought he didn’t care what I did. He told me he can’t keep up with what book I’m on so he doesn’t normally ask. Then he said, “I actually find it pretty neat what you’re doing.” I then gave him a look. He said, “Sarah I think you’re pretty cool, okay?!”

It’s taken 10 years of marriage to get those words out him. But I think he looks at my nerdiness a little different now and has come to realize my book nerd status is here to stay.


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