Sarah’s Thoughts on Allegiant by Veronica Roth

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Do not read this post if you are planning on reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth in the future.  There will be spoilers.

I was so excited for this book to come out!  I wish I had time re-read Divergent and Insurgent before reading Allegiant but that just wasn’t going to happen.  But, I could have used the refresher that’s for sure!  But I put the pieces together and kept reading. 

At first Four was driving me freaking nuts with how he was acting.  I really wanted to punch him. lol.  I understand there was a lot to take in but what was he expecting to find nothing or other cities like theirs?  And then going along with a plan with someone he just met and not having all the information was just a bone head move. 
I loved how much Tris has grown through the series. She is a strong female lead which I love and wish more books put the female lead through things that make her stronger. 

I’m just going to say it now to get it off my chest…I can’t believe Tris is dead.  I was in shock when I got to that part and I cried so hard and so much I had to go and re-clean my glasses.  But I thought it was brave of Veronica Roth to do that to her main character.  I know a lot of people were really mad about it and made threats to her but…IT’S HER BOOK! If she wanted to blow up the whole airport and the cities and ended it that way she could have because it’s her work and her ideas.  Maybe everyone should be happy we got invited in to this wonderful world and got to experience her story first hand.  I thought she did a great job wrapping up this trilogy.  I’ve read far worse books with way worse ending that left you hanging and there wasn’t another book insight.  If you haven’t read one of those you should and you would be grateful for this ending.  But I found the book amazing and not rushed even though there was a lot going on.  And to be honest I thought Four was going to die before I started reading it and that was with NO spoilers slipping into my mind from any source.  So with that now I can’t wait for the movie in March.  The clips look amazing and I can’t wait to get lost in Veronica’s world again.


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