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Book Blitz: A Midsummer Nig..

Book Blitz: A Midsummer Night’s Fling By Beth Matthews

A Midsummer Night’s Fling by Beth Matthews  (Stage Kiss Series #1)  Publication date: June 2014 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Synopsis: After dating her childhood sweetheart Max on and off for years, aspiring actress Nicola Charles is finally ready to move on. It’s time for her to focus on her stage career and stay away from Max–before he can break her […]

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Book Blitz: Leather And Lac..

Book Blitz: Leather And Lace By Jessie Evans

Leather and Lace by Jessie Evans  (Lonesome Point, Texas #1)  Publication date: July 14th 2014 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Synopsis: Cowboy bikers, fireworks, and romance, oh my… Wild girl, Mia Sherman, has a secret—she isn’t as fearless as she pretends. Descended from Lonesome Point, Texas’s founding family, Mia grew up hearing tales of an old Irish curse that had followed […]

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Review: Sleeping Beauty And..

Review: Sleeping Beauty And The Demon By Marina Myles

Synopsis:  Sleight Of Hand Dragomir Starkov poses as an illusionist, a showman performing tricks, his Romanian accent and dark good looks all just a part of the drama. That’s how Rose Carlisle first sees him. She’s a respectable girl–she wouldn’t accept witchy birthday gifts from a demon. But the hustle and bustle of 1912 New […]

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Book Blitz: Tortured by Kat..

Book Blitz: Tortured by Kate Givans

Tortured by Kate Givans  Publication date: July 2014 Genres: Adult, Contemporary Synopsis: A contemporary romantic drama about loss, healing, and love’s ability to reach beyond scars and secrets, no matter how deep or hidden.  WARNING: This book is intended for 18+ readers ONLY. Potentially triggering content and concepts in books to follow.  More than a year after the death […]

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Book Blitz: Divine and Date..

Book Blitz: Divine and Dateless by Tara West

Divine and Dateless by Tara West  Publication date: July 7th 2014 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance Synopsis: Good girls go to Heaven. Bad girls go all the way… What can be worse than electrocuting yourself while getting ready for your Internet date? Realizing the hot stud you’ve been fondling is the grim reaper? Being chased by a sex-crazed bloated, naked corpse? How […]

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Book Blitz: In Your Corner ..

Book Blitz: In Your Corner By Sarah Castille

In Your Corner by Sarah Castille (Redemption #2) Published by: Sourcebooks CasablancaPublication date: July 1st 2014Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance Synopsis: A Publishers Weekly Best Summer Book 2014! “You have to go. I won’t be able to control myself. I’ve wanted you so bad for so long and after I’ve been in the cage…I can’t think straight.” He gives a guttural groan and his fist […]

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Book Blitz: Electric by Emi..

Book Blitz: Electric by Emilia Winters

Electric by Emilia Winters  (The Bay Boys #1)  Publication date: June 1st 2014 Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance Synopsis: He made her feel electric. Like volts of energy fizzled through her veins, racing, constantly stimulating. It was intoxicating and thrilling. And for the first time in her life, she felt truly alive. Luke Branford. Notorious womanizer. Shameless flirt. Heir to his family’s multi-million dollar business. His […]

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Book Blitz: Docked By Racha..

Book Blitz: Docked By Rachael Wade

Docked by Rachael Wade  Publication date: May 26th 2014 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Synopsis: A new, sensual Adult Contemporary Romance from author of the Amazon bestselling PRESERVATION SERIES, THE REPLACEMENT, and LOVE AND RELATIVITY. Coming to e-readers everywhere May 26, 2014. It’s not water that paralyzes Anya Banks—it’s the ocean. Tumultuous and powerful, sleek and unpredictable, it’s just like Tanner Christensen, owner of Trident Voyager, […]

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Book Blitz: Scary Modsters..

Book Blitz: Scary Modsters… and Creepy Freaks by Diane Rinella

Scary Modsters… and Creepy Freaks by Diane Rinella  Publication date: March 25th 2014 Genres: Adult, Romance Synopsis: A fantastical romance involving a girl, the music that fuels her, and her Ouija board. Rosalyn possesses a sunny personality that is laced with quirks. Although she seeks acceptance in a world where she lives out of time, what she gets is ridiculed for her […]

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Harlequin Presents: The Cha..

Harlequin Presents: The Chatsfield

The Chatsfield ·         Harlequin, has launched The Chatsfield, a “first of its kind” digital series from Mills & Boon on 6th May. ·         Set in the luxury hotel “The Chatsfield”, this digital series provides an extra journey for the reader to continue engaging with the characters of a book and series beyond what is just […]

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