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Submissions From The Scaven..

Submissions From The Scavenger Hunt

I have to say I am disappointed we didn’t receive more submissions for our Scavenger Hunt. Nonetheless, the ones we did receive were awesome. Here are some of my favorite pictures that were submitted. Emma’s bookshelves. I will admit I zoomed in to see what books she has on her shelves.  Emma’s TBR stacks. I […]

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I’ve Completed Our Sc..

I’ve Completed Our Scavenger Hunt

I love doing Scavenger Hunt’s so I just had to partake in ours as well. We are looking forward to all of your submissions for the Scavenger Hunt. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out Scavenger Hunt Giveaway here. Everyone who completes the Scavenger Hunt will be entered into the giveaway for […]

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Our 3 Year Blogiversary Cel..

Our 3 Year Blogiversary Celebration: Scavenger Hunt

Today marks our 3 year Blogiversary. Sarah, Amber, and I spoke about different ways to celebrate this year. We came up with a scavenger hunt. Below are 25 items you will need to take a picture of, locate, or seek out. The majority of the items will be found in your home or online. Once […]

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