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I frequently get asked if I could meet any author who would be on top of my list. I typically answer this with a “there are too many to list”. However, there is one that I would probably do anything to meet, well not ANYTHING, but close to it.  Who is this author? Well, it is the one and only Stephen King. 

Since I was a teenager I have always loved his writing and creativity. To this day, I am still mesmerized by his books and quite frankly, freaked out. 
It is really difficult to find a signing for him. I recall a couple of years ago he had an signing in NYC but I was not able to make it. I try to keep an eye out for his tours however; I doubt he’ll make his way to Wisconsin. 
Since I have no ability to meet him in person, not yet at least, I have incorporated a piece of him in my family vacation this year.  My family and I have decided we are taking a road trip to Bangor, Maine this year. 

Being able to visit the setting to many Stephen King books is exciting to me. While researching things to do, places to stay, I came across a Stephen King tour. This tour is supposed to take you to places which are mentioned in Stephen’s books and his Bangor residence. Although my husband and son are not avid readers, there also excited to see these places.  
Stephen King’s Bangor, Maine mansion

At the end of the day, I may not ever be able to meet Stephen King, but I will definitely be able to get a better picture of what he sees when he describes Maine in his books. 
What author would you do anything to meet?  


5 responses to “The Author I’d Love To Meet

  1. I would love to meet Nicholas Sparks. I am a romantic at heart so I guess I love his books even though most of them end sadly, I love how he creates characters I can very easily become attached to. Safe Haven is my favorite, it is the first book that made me cry, it had a beautiful ending!

  2. I love Stephen Kings books too. My favorite is Misery and Christine.

    If I had to pick one author I would want to meet it would be Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight Saga is my favorite book series of all time.

    Some other authors I would like to meet S.C. Stephens. EL James. Jamie McGuire. Nicholas Sparks. Suzanne Collins. J K Rowling. Jodi Picoult. Stephen King. Lois Duncan and S.E. Hinton.

  3. Anything is possible! I lived in Bangor a few years ago and saw him several times at the grocery store and around time. He really is a great person in person as well!

  4. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! This is my very favorite author! I think you are going on the coolest vacation EVER! My husband would never agree to go on that kind of vacation for me. I would give my kidney (one of the few good organs I still have) to meet this man. He is such an amazing writer; he quality of writing is so far above my rating system I feel I'm cheating him when I must award him a mere 5 stars. I can only rate his books against his other books. I'm sure you understand what I mean. He is exceptional. If you have room in your trunk for me, I'm really not very big….

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