The Endless TBR Stack

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How many of you have a TBR stack that never seems to change? I hope many of you do because then I can feel normal. I currently have over 100 books in the TBR stack (pictures of the stacks below) and probably over 200 books on my kindle.
There are definitely advantages to having a TBR stack of this size, those being; I always have a book available to read, I get to pick and choose which one to read, I don’t feel pressured into reading a book I may not want to at the moment, and I get the comfort of having the books that I want to read in the future.
There are also some disadvantages to it, those being; I get overwhelmed by the options and have a difficult time picking which book I want to read next, I just can’t read fast enough so I don’t seem to make a dent into the stack, and I always buy more books which adds to the stack.
Yes, I have attempted to try not to place some conditions on my book buying but lets be real….it doesn’t work for me. When there is a book I want to read; I buy it and most of the time I will read it before I pick a different book from my stack. This particularly comes true when it is a series that I have already started or if a new book comes out from an author that I love.  
Some of the books in my TBR stack are in my 2012 must read list; those being, Mortal Instruments series, Vampire Academy series, and the Hush, Hush series. My goal is to have all of these read prior to the end of the year. I also want to read the Harry Potter series before the New Year as well but I don’t want to add that series to my must read list yet because I want to be realistic in what I can accomplish.
I hope to have half the amount of books in my TBR stack this time next year. I know this will be difficult to accomplish as there are some very awesome books coming out that I really want to read not to even mention books which are coming from releases that I follow. As a result, I cannot make any promises that I will only have 50 books in the TBR stack this time next year.
Please, please, please let me know that I am still normal here. Do you have a TBR stack? How many are in your stack?


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