Thoughts on City of Heavenly Fire by Sarah

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I’ve loved this series for over six years now and I’m sad to see these characters go. Overall I’m happy with how the story went and how it ended. I was worried Casandra Clare was going to pull a Veronica Roth and kill off Clary or Jace. (I was seriously worried while reading the book this would happen.) I don’t think I would have handled it well if that happened. 
I like the way she used this book to kick off for that next series that’s coming up.  I’m curious to see how many characters from this series will be in that series as well. I hope Jace and Clary have a wedding and everyone’s invited so we can see that part of their relationship and we could still have some part of them. 
I’m glad Tessa and Jem were able to reconnect in this book. But I wish she would’ve talked to Jace to let him know the relationship between the two of them and maybe Jace wouldn’t feel alone. 
Thank goodness Alec and Magnus got back together.  
The whole Simon turning back into a human and forgetting everyone was a little weird for me. I was so worried about how Clary was going to handle the whole thing. I’m so glad he remembered enough for them to fill him somewhat. 
Okay so the sex part with Jace and Clary…
I’m so happy they finally did the deed but why does she finally let them get it on in the third to last chapter?! She did that with Will & Tessa also. I realize we don’t get a lot of detail due to it being a YA book but a little more than what we got would have been nice. Also who packs a condom for a trip to Hell?!
I can just imagine the packing to get ready for the trip…

I mean was he that confident he was going to get some?! Originally I thought they weren’t going to use protection, she gets pregnant and saves the Herondale name. Yes that seriously went through my mind. But that thought was blown out of the water once I heard the crinkle of foil. 

Okay, so I’m going to miss this series horribly. What am I supposed to buy in May now? First Sookie went away and now Jace & Clary. I’ll just be lonely until something else wonderful comes along. 


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